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Passion · Inspiration · Family


Founded in 2013, Christine & Tony Lombardi began a passion project that honors a rich family history of wine, food, and tradition.

Together, with Winemaker Cabell Coursey, they craft small lots of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from some of the finest vineyards in the Sonoma Coast.

The Pinot Noir is crafted with care from a family of growers in Petaluma, where the Lombardi Family has been since 1947.

Lombardi Family Georgerose Feb 2016
Lombardi Family Georgerose Feb 2016
Mondavi Lombardi
RM Signed
Julius Forcucci Nazzareno Lombardi
Four Generations Of Lombardi
Daisy Lombardi Feb 2014
Abbey Of Santa Croce In Sassoferrato

Passion · Inspiration · Family

Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2019

Sonoma Coast 2019



The 2019 Chardonnay shows beautiful aromas of layered green apple, lemon-lime citrus, orange blossom, honeysuckle and just a hint of vanilla.

On The Palate

This 2019 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay is star bright and offers layers of lifted and vibrant peach, pear, and tangerine flavors on the palate. The finish gradually turns crisp with a final wash of mouthwatering natural acidity.

94 Points – Wine Enthusiast Magazine

92 Points – Wine Spectator

92 Points – James Suckling

90 Points – Jeb Dunnuck

4+ Stars “A crisp Chardonnay of very fine quality” – Restaurant Wine

2019 Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

Sonoma Coast 2019

Pinot Noir


This alluring Pinot Noir reveals dark aromas of blackberry, black cherry and ripe currants in the nose with a dust of cocoa.

On The Palate

The 2019 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir delivers dark black fruits that slowly melt into all areas of the mouth. There is focused acidity and fine dry tannins that carry the rich blackberry, anise, cedar, black licorice, and mocha flavors toward the mid-palate, leading to a lingering juicy finish of black cherry and dried currants.

93 Points – Wine Spectator

92 Points – Wine Enthusiast Magazine

91 Points – James Suckling

91 Points – Connoisseurs Guide to California Wine

91 Points – PinotFile

90 Points – Jeb Dunnuck

4 Stars “Fine Pinot Noir with savory overtones” – Restaurant Wine

GOLD – 91 Points – Press Democrat North Coast Wine Challenge

Gap's Crown Vineyard 2019

Pinot Noir


This 2019 Gap’s Crown Pinot Noir reveals enticing lilac, lavender, dark cherry and blackberry that fill the glass. Vibrant undertones of black truffle and dark chocolate.

On The Palate

This Pinot Noir is round and focused. Crushed berries dominate the front palate. Chocolate covered cherries and a trace of candied orange peel saturate the midpalate and linger for a smooth and lengthy finish.

Hill Justice Vineyard 2019

Pinot Noir


The 2019 Pinot Noir reveals deep purple color and has rich aromas of blueberry, blackberry and chocolate.

On The Palate

This Petaluma Gap Pinot Noir makes an intensely elegant and delicious wine, delivering ripe raspberry, blackberry, cardamom and forest pine which slowly melts into all areas of the mouth. There is a nice backbone of fine tannins that provide structure and strength toward the mid-palate, leading to a lingering and persistent juicy finish of sweet berries.

  • Lombardi_PN19_Acc_WS
  • Lombardi_CH19_Acc_WS
  • W-S_LOCH18_OCT21
  • 101_202006_Lombardi_PN18_Acc_WS
  • 150_201611_Lombardi_PN14_Acc_WE_Nov16
  • 137_201712_Lombardi_PinotChardonnay_GoldMedals_AFWC_2017
  • 138_201712_Lombardi_HillJusticeVineyard_PinotNoir_2017
  • 139_201712__Lombardi_SonomaCoast_PinotNoir_2015
  • 140_201710_Lombardi_PN15_Acc_JebDunnuck
  • 141_201710_Lombardi_CH15_Acc_JebDunnuck
  • 142_201709_Lombardi_Chardonnay2015_WineEnthusiast_SEPT2017
  • 143_201708_Lombardi_PN15_Acc_Vin
  • 144_201708_Lombardi_PN14_Acc_Vin
  • 145_201708_Lombardi_PinotNoir2015_WineEnthusiast_AUG2017
  • 146_201708_Lombardi_PinotNoir__2015_PinotFile_AUG2017
  • 147_201708_Lombardi_CH15_Acc_Vin
  • 148_201708_Lombardi_CH14_Acc_Vin
  • 149_201612_Lombardi-chardonnay2013-vinous-galloni-feb-2016
  • 151_201610_LombardiChardonnay__2014_WineEnthusiast_OCT2016
  • 135_201801_Lombardi_SonomaCoast_PinotNoir_2016-2
  • 152_201608_Lombardi_SonomaCoast_Chardonnay_2015
  • 153_201602_Lombardi-pinot2013-vinous-galloni-feb-2016
  • 154_201602_Lombardi-chardonnay2013-wine-enthusiast-february-2016
  • 155_201511_Lombardi-pinot2013-pinot-report-november-2015
  • 156_201509_Lombardi-pinot2013-pinot-file-september-2015
  • 157_201509_Lombardi-chardonnay2013-pinot-file-september-2015
  • 158_201412_Lombardi-chardonnay2012-wine-enthusiast-december-2014
  • 159_201411_Lombardi-chardonnay2012-pinot-file-aug-2014
  • 160_201409_Lombardi-pinot2012-pinot-report-september-2014
  • 161_201407_Lombardi-pinot2012-wine-spectator-jul-2014
  • 162_201407_Lombardi-pinot2012-pinot-file-august-2014
  • 163_201406_Lombardi-chardonnay2012-wine-spectator-jun-2014
  • LombardiWines_2017Chardonnay_Sonoma Magazine_Top 100_2020
  • Lombardi_PN18_NCWC_Acc
  • 136_201801_Lombardi_SonomaCoast_Chardonnay_2016-2
  • 134_201806_Lombardi_CH16_Acc_WineAdvocate_Jun2018
  • 102-202005_Lombardi_SCPN18_Acc_JD
  • 117_201907_Lombardi_CH17_Acc_PD
  • 103_202005_Lombardi_HJPN18_Acc_JD
  • 104_202005_Lombardi_GRPN18_Acc_JD
  • 105_201912_Lombardi_PN17_Acc_WA
  • 106_201912_Lombardi_HJPN17_Acc_WA
  • 107_201912_Lombardi_HJPN17_Acc_JS
  • 108_201912_Lombardi_HJPN17_Acc_JD
  • 109_201912_Lombardi_CH17_Acc_WA
  • 110_201912_Lombardi_CH17_Acc_JS
  • 111_201912_Lombardi_CH17_Acc_JD
  • 112_201912_Lombardi_CH16_Acc_AFW
  • 113_201911_Lombardi_PN17_Acc_WS
  • 114_201911_Lombardi_PN17_Acc_WE
  • 115_201911_Lombardi_CH17_Acc_WE
  • 116_201910_Lombardi_CH17_Acc_WS
  • 118_201906_Lombardi_PN17_Acc_PF
  • 133_201806_Lombardi_CH16_JebDunnuck
  • 119_201906_Lombardi_CH17_Acc_PF
  • 120_201905_Lombardi_PN17_Acc_Vinous
  • 121_201905_Lombardi_CH17_Acc_Vinous
  • 122_201904_Lombardi_PN17_Acc_NCWC
  • 123_201904_Lombardi_CH17_Acc_NCWC
  • 124_01812_Lombardi_PN_CH15_Acc_AFW
  • 125_201810_Lombardi_PinotNoir2016_WineEnthusiast_OCT2018
  • 126_201810_Lombardi_Chardonnay2016_WineSpectator_OCT2018
  • 127_201810_Lombardi_Chardonnay2016_WineEnthusiast_OCT2018
  • 128_201807_Lombardi_PN16_Acc_Vin
  • 129_201807_Lombardi_CH16_Acc_Vin
  • 130_201806_Lombardi_PN2016_JebDunnuck
  • 131_201806_Lombardi_PN16_Acc_WineAdvocate_Jun2018
  • 132_201806_Lombardi_Chardonnay2016_PinotFile_June2018

How Does Wine Allocation Work?

We create a personal allocation for our mailing list members twice a year, for 3-4week periods, Sonoma Coast appellation wines in the spring and single vineyard designate wines in the fall.

How long does it take to get an allocation?

Due to Mother Nature’s variance from vintage to vintage, we are unable to provide a specific time frame for our waitlist. Our goal with every release is to share our wines with as many new members as possible, while meeting the requests of current members.

How is wine allocated?

Over time, members that consistently order wine gain access to a larger quantity, as well as a wider selection of our family of wines. Newly active members are first offered the Appellation Series and a small allocation of limited production Single Vineyard Designates

Our wines are produced in varying and limited quantities so not all of our wines can be offered to everyone. We strive to give as many people as possible access to the wines they would like.

If a member chooses to forego participation in a release, that member’s guaranteed allocation is then reallocated to those who are waiting. Moving forward, a wish opportunity will be provided for the following offering, ensuring we are able to share as many wines with our members as possible.

Is my allocation guaranteed?

As a member, if you are offered an allocation, it is guaranteed for the entire release. We do this so that you do not feel the pressure associated with a “first come” allocation offering.

How can I get an increased allocation?

Over time, members who consistently order wines are given access to larger quantities of those selections. If you’d like more than your initial allocation, you may place a ‘wish request’ for additional wine. We will do our best to grant some or all of your wishes, which then results in an increased allocation of that wine in subsequent offerings, pending vintage size variation.

What happens with a ‘Wish Request’?

If you choose to wish for more wine than your initial allocation, we will do our best to reserve additional bottles for you. After the release period ends, we reallocate any wine that was not purchased during the offering. If we are able to grant some or all of your wish, we will notify you via email and any incremental tax and shipping costs will be applied to your original order with the default method of payment on file.

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